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Production and supply of total mixed rations and protein-vitamin-mineral supplements, premixes and pre-starter feed for farm animals:

Our products are unequalled in Russia

Tosnensky Mixed Feed Factory was founded in 1975. 1993 was the year of the complete modernization of the main departments.

The factory is fitted with the equipment of the world leading manufacturers, such as Buhler (Switzerland), Andritz Feed & Biofuel (Denmark), MUENCH Edelstahl GmbH (Germany), and other companies. European technologies and modern automation systems are introduced at the enterprise.

Technical testing laboratory of CJSC ТMFF keeps the quality control of the food raw material and finished products, and also work out the new receipts.

Experienced, qualified engineers, technologists and veterinarians (including Masters of Sciences in Agriculture and Veterinary) are among the employees of the enterprise.

The CJSC ТMFF is constantly improving the composition and properties of the feed for farm animals and bird, and creates the innovative products many of which are unequalled in Russia.

The innovative products of the Tosnensky Mixed Feed Factory

Pre-starters for the rearing of the first weeks of life:
Krepky telyonok (for calfs)
Zdorovy pyatachok (for piglet)
Complete feed for rabbits:
Mister Krolik (for rabbits)
Proactive adsorbent for mycotoxins extraction:

Specialized feeds for horses.

Individual approach to each client

Tosnensky Mixed Feed Factory produces both traditional feeds and products for private farms using individual receipts.

  • We consider the specifics of animal feeding and welfare.
  • Our specialist will help you define the ration and will consult you on the questions of animal feeding and care.

Correct and balanced diet for the farm animals is their health and high productivity.

We invite for cooperation:

  • Mixed feed wholesale suppliers;
  • retailers;
  • raw material suppliers;
  • farm enterprises.

Prices for Tosnensky Mixed Feed Factory production and delivery details

Price for production is available on request.

Please contact us for details or to make an order:

Sales department, CJSC Tosnensky Mixed Feed Factory.
Anton Surushkin, CCO +7 (921) 093-22-86
Email: ans@tkkz.ru
Address: Nurma Village, Tosno District, the Leningrad region, 187029, Russia.

Contact us

Sales department, CJSC Tosnensky Mixed Feed Factory.

Anton Surushkin, CCO +7 (921) 093-22-86
Email: ans@tkkz.ru
Address: Nurma Village, Tosno District, the Leningrad region, 187029, Russia.